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Canada Tourist Visa

To begin with, Canada has been such a relishing destination with plethora of different options to explore and to visit, such as a horizon with extreme greenery, seas and sea beaches for adventurous sports, fishing, boating, diving, deep sea fishing and so forth. Likewise, the rising mountains and elevated hills replenishes mind and soul in their depth and one could hardly resist such a tendency to dwell at. Canada visa or tourist visa for Canada has been one of our major proficiency over the years.

But like any other official filing and follow up, applying for a Canada tourist visa has been one of our paramount expertise and our travel associates embody necessary knowledge and intellect in filing the de facto documents for such purpose. Within 22 working days we can secure a valid tourist visa for such a promising destination as Canada has been and ranging from 6 months to upto 8 years with multiple entry options. All you need to have is a valid passport and sufficient amount of funds to initiate a swift filing of the documents and to impress the visa officer. Besides, our associates can also get your hotel reservations and travel trails (key destinations) identified and then our on-shore business associates in various Canadian cities would take care of your arrival and would assist you in getting proper lodging and in ensuring a comfortable stay while there. Generally, the following are the main points which the embassy harps upon while considering applications for the Canadian tourist visa:

  1. Valid passport,
  2. Purpose of visit ( this should simply be tourism or to see family and friends),
  3. Duration of the visit should not be more than 6 months,
  4. No record of any criminal activity or any other conviction related to immigration,
  5. Availability of fund, depending upon the number of personnel likely to visit the place,
  6. Hotel reservation and tour planning in advance, (for a greater impact and for speeding up the visa issuance procedure),
  7. Airline reservation for travelling and for return ticket in advance for a greater impact with refundable provision alongside tourist visa,
  8. Funds transfer to overseas financial institutions, travel insurance and so forth.


Visas Kart: A Service Distinguished Among the Rest:

On our part, we shall initiate a kaleidoscope of following services in the matter of Canada Visit:

  • We shall prepare a cover letter and forms as well as other Document checklist,
  • We shall enlighten candidates about the mock interviews and would also train them if it is felt necessary,
  • We would file the most effective application with fully detailed documentation so as to speed up the application process,
  • Our personnel would remain in touch with the VFS or the Canadian Embassy every week so as to know the latest stage of the tourist visa application process,


Hence we have emerged to be the most prolific visa consultancy for Canada Visit and we call upon all the thrilling minds and fun seeking hearts to rely upon our expertise and we shall let you savour the true delights of life and of such a beautiful destination as Canada has been.


General Information

Capital : Ottawa

Total Area :  Approx 9,984,670 sq kilometers (3,854,085 sq miles)

Time Zone : Canadian Time (GMT – 3.5 to -8); (GMT – 2.5 to -7) in summers.

ISD Code : +1;

Official Language : English and French

Currency : Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Religion : Christianity is predominant.

Climate : Average winter and summer high temperatures across Canada vary from region to region. Winters can be harsh in many parts of the country, particularly in the interior and Prairie Provinces, which experience a continental climate, where daily average temperatures are near -15 degrees, but can drop below -40 degrees with severe wind chills. In noncoastal regions, snow can cover the ground for almost six months of the year, while in parts of the north snow can persist year-round. On the east and west coasts, average high temperatures are generally in the low 20 degrees while between the coasts, the average summer high temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees. Canada immigration from India, Immigration to Canada from India, Migration to Canada from India, Canada immigration process, canada visa, canada visa services, canada tourist visa, applicants traveling to canada, tourist visa for canada, canada visa from india, canada visa application centre, canada visa information, tourist visa canada, tourist visa to canada, canada tourist visa fees, apply canada visa, traveling to canada, track your canada visa, track your canada visa application, canada visa fees, canada visa application form, canada visa form, express entry canada visa, quick canada visa, document for canada visa, canadian visa, canadian visa services, canadian tourist visa, canadian visa from india, canadian visa application centre, canadian visa information, tourist visa to canadian, canadian tourist visa fees, apply canadian visa, track your canadian visa, track your canadian visa application, canadian visa fees, canadian visa application form, canadian visa form, express canadian visa, quick canadian visa

Best Time to Travel : Canada can be best traveled to and enjoyed between May to August.

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