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Malaysia Tourist Visa

Why to go Malaysia?

General Information

Capital : Kuala Lumpur City

Total Area :  Approx 329,847 sq kilometers (127,355 sq miles)

Time Zone : Malaysian Standard Time (GMT + 8.00)

ISD Code : +60 (Add 3 afterwards for Kuala Lumpur Landline numbers)

Official Language : Bahasa Malaysia

Currency : Ringgit (RM)

Religion : Islam

Climate : The climate in Malaysia is tropical. The north-east monsoon (October to February) deluges Borneo and the east coast in rain and often causes flooding, while the west coast (particularly Langkawi and Penang) escape unscathed. The milder south-west monsoon (April to October) reverses the pattern. Temperatures generally range from 32degrees at noon to about 26 degrees at midnight. Malaysia’s sun-shining days are interrupted by Monsoon season from November and February every year, and night temperatures can hit a low of about 23 degrees on rainy days. Temperatures tend to be cooler in the highlands.

Best Time to Travel : Malaysia can be traveled to and enjoyed all round the year.

About Malaysia

Malaysia is yet another popular destination, widely illuminated with excitement and sheer tourist attractions and one can come across a profound amalgamation of pluralist culture in every sense. Not only abounding European presence but even the local heritage is pretty rich in the place. It is simply a collection of a few most outstanding islands which hosts a treasure to explore and to witness. Apart from this, the location has scores of renowned universities and world class Business schools which relish the youngsters a great deal. Visas Kart is perfect place for Malaysia tourist visa in Delhi. The government of Malaysia has laid out special visa rules for the tourists, students while a special tour package is formulated for the newly married couples since the destination Malaysia offers a range of young tourist delights.

Tourists from around the globe frequent such popular tourist points in Malaysia. Some of them are:

  • Perhentian Islands:

Such are the must visit location in Malaysia and resorts are available at limited budgets as accommodations are found to be cheaper than the rest of country. Nevertheless, the place is replete with exotic beaches and enchanting sandy coastal line with great opportunity for diving, boating and fishing. Perhantican Besar and Perhentian Kecil are the 2 main beaches on the area.

  • Mulu Caves:

Such are located at the Gunung National Park in Borneo and this is the cluster of incredible caves arranged with equatorial rain forest setting. Among them, the Sarawak chamber located at one of the underground caves, has been the most predominant one. The stretch of such caves is pretty enormous and thousands of visitors throng the place at one time while in the nearby Deer care iv replete with wrinkle lipped bats.

  • Petronas Twin Towers: (Expert Malaysia Visa Assistance in Delhi)

Such are the savouring delight of the city of Kuala Lumpur and are the 88 floors towers each with fronts made with glass and steel and visitors relish the heartening view from there. Besides, there is a bridge connecting the towers which is  at 41st and 42nd floors of the buildings.

  • Taman Negara:

Taman Negara refers to national park in Malay and is one of the dense tropical rain forest in the world. Plethora of rainfalls, huge trees, jungle treks and lush greenery all around pamper the thrill seeking minds at depth. Further, one can catch a glimpse of Asian elephants, leopards, tigers and rhinos while there.

Malaysia Visa Application in Delhi: Visas Kart At Its Best:

One obviously needs to have a valid passport alongside a confirmed return ticket and a passport size coloured photograph. Alongside, he would need to render a tour itinerary, covering letter and a bank statement from last 6 months duly attested with bank seal and signature. Embassy is pretty particular about the photograph and precisely, 3 coloured photographs of recent times with white background and hair should not be fall over to eyes. Plainly, photograph should reveal 70% of your face.  The experienced travel planners at Visas Kart are the registered tour operators who render such travel guidance and visa and ticketing service for Malaysia in Delhi. Since the 2013, we have organized nearly 270 tours to Malaysia and have assisted travellers in seeking Malaysia visa in Delhi. We can book a hotel or resort in advance and can arrange pick and drop at the airport through our travel associates in various Malaysian cities. Moreover, being veteran tour operators, we can even get the most exciting deals in such top star hotels or resorts.  While for students, NOC letter from parents, proof of admission to the university, hall ticket and date of exams and venue where exams are scheduled.

Please rely upon our travelling expertise for seeking rich benefits and to slash your travelling costs.

We are a premier visa/travel consultancy savouring with abounding expertise in key areas pertaining to migration, job seeking and arrangement abroad, western higher education, academic and career consultancy and plethora of other legal travel aspects solution.

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