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Study In Canada

To study in Canada or to seek enrolment in any of graduate or post graduate course out there, has been the most vital decision which would have a game-changing impact upon his future as well as on his professional career. Canada is regarded as the most versatile destination for learning and to continue study further and many of the renowned universities of the world, happen to be in Canada. For nearly every course and in every branch of study, one can easily find a suitable college or university to prolong his academic worth further.

For instance, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Alberta, University of Montreal, McMaster University, and University of Ottawa and Calgary are some of the renowned academic institutions across the world.  As such, they attract youngsters from every nation of the world and one can easily locate a ranging cultural diversity in every major academic and training institution everywhere in Canada. Besides, once completing the higher education, career prospects brightens for the young candidates to get absorbed in Canadian or American corporations since the latter acknowledge the degree certificates of Canadian universities at length. Further, it is also seen that some of the universities, such as Montreal University, Alberta University, Ottawa University, University of Toronto etc are so renowned that company officials visit such campuses while hiring the fresh talent for IT and Business Management.

Finally, the higher education in Canada is pretty affordable, but then there are offered whopping opportunities for research and development and special funding is done for such purpose by the Canadian government, in order to train and groom the young minds with global edge. Even the university atmosphere is pretty friendly and lecturers are found to be pretty devoted and are always keen to support the students in getting precisely skilled to face the future challenges with sheer professional diligence.  In the grander scheme of things, each of the renowned college and university has got its own placement department which send meritorious students to renowned global giants such as American Bank, MicroSoft, Morgan and Stanley, World Bank, Apple, Samsung, Pepsi Foods, Sony and certain other global giants, while the latter admit the candidates on the grounds of the university fame.

BK Travels: Leading Career Counselling for Study Abroad:

BK Travels has evolved a separate wing which is all devoted to guide career conscious youngsters and their anxious families about their career. Hence by getting enrolled into any renowned Canadian university or training institution, students are likely to get a fillip in their occupational career later ahead in life. Our worldly wise career counsellors assess the worth of each youth, by studying their inclination, their state of merit till high school, their command over English language, their inclination and attitude and their ambitions in later life. Then by taking all such factors together, suitable career goals are advised to youngsters and their funds availability is also been considered and then the possible university or college option is advised. Besides, we also put efforts to get our students whopping scholarships on the part of university so as to transform his higher education abroad, a free and learning adventure abroad.  Likewise, selection oriented training for GMAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and interview assistance is also being provided at our place.

We are a premier visa/travel consultancy savouring with abounding expertise in key areas pertaining to migration, job seeking and arrangement abroad, western higher education, academic and career consultancy and plethora of other legal travel aspects solution.

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No. 105, 2nd Floor, 4th "F" Cross, Opp to Kanti Sweets Anandapura, TC Palya Main Road, KR Puram, Bangalore - 560036, Karnataka, India.